Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common and easy ways to earn money blogging. The premise is simple enough;

you promote products whether they are electronic or physical on your blog and make a commission each time someone purchases a product you referred.

The true beauty lies in that you don’t have to create a product, ship it, worry about collecting and processing payments.

The possibilities are endless with affiliate marketing but with that said it is not perfect and there are a few small drawbacks.

Let’s take a look at the world of affiliate marketing and how,

it can be the way to go for you to generate some serious income from your blogs.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply the act of referring potential customers or visitors to your blog/website to a service or product hosted by a merchant who is responsible for closing the sale by taking care of the billing and shipping. You the affiliate are then rewarded with a commission for each sale they make from the referrals you sent to the merchant. It is purely performance-based and there is no ceiling to how much you can potentially earn.

The more traffic you are able to send to the merchants and the more sales they close the more money you make.

Simple right? Here is the affiliate marketing formula:

niche(your blog)+quality helpful content+targeted traffic+affiliate program=$$$

Lets take a look at each part of the equation

Niche(your blog)

f you can find a niche(read about niches here) that has a hungry audience with a pressing problem looking for solutions to their problems and you can help them solve these problems then my friend has stumbled on a potential online goldmine.

Your blog should be the vehicle that guides them to their solution.

Quality Helpful Content (Affiliate marketing)

So you have found the niche and created a blog to satisfy the hungry masses. Now comes the part that many overlook or find to be a stumbling block myself included.

In my case, it used to feel tedious creating content and that was partly down to me not finding the right niche that I truly loved and could talk about all day. I cannot stress enough to make sure you are truly passionate about your niche!

With that said if you can create helpful content that can show people,


your problem is not unique and hey there is a solution to your problem and build a relationship with them through your content they will be very receptive to a product or service you recommend to them.

Targeted Traffic (Affiliate marketing)

If you owned a car dealership would you want the majority of people visiting your delearship looking for cotton candy?(weird analogy but bear with me) I would think not! You want people who visit your dealership to be in the market shopping for cars. It is the same principle with your blog. You want your blog to be geared to attract people who will be shopping in your selected niche. There are a variety of ways to do this from search engine optimistaion (seo) to pay per click(ppc) advertising.

Affiliate program

You have just created some awesome content on your blog, built a great rapport with your targeted audience who regularly visit your site for solutions to their problems.Now is the time for you to make some money from your efforts by taking advantage of an affiliate programs. Thousands of companies employ affiliates to help them drive sales and pretty much every company now is in on the act. Think of pretty much any product or service and you can be guaranteed there is an affiliate program in place

In terms of affiliate programs these are what I call the big 3.

Amazon affiliate

Amazon is primarily for physical products and pretty much the largest online retailer out there.

Clickbank perhaps the largest marketplace for digital products in the form of courses and eBooks. They are seen as the company that really took affiliate marketing to the next level online.

They pay much higher commissions than amazon typically ranging from around 20% to as much as 75%.

Commission Junction is another mainly digital product market place but also offers some physical products; like clickbank they offer higher commission rates and you will find many programs here not listed on clickbank!

Again there are literally thousands of programs out there and something for every niche. As you go along in your online journeys you will spot them all over the place!

You can pretty much start a business today! No need to have products, warehouses, etc. you simply promote products of merchandisers and make a commisoin from each sale